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أسمي كريم الليثي و الكل بيلقبني K2 او Kyotwo. بلعب جيمز من صغري فشخ و بدايتي كانت على Atari 2600 و من ساعتها و الجيمنج جزء كبير من حياتي.

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i am Kareem I also go by K2 or Kyotwo. An Artist , Otaku, Gamer, Music Addict and Geek Owner of I stream on facebook, youtube and here of course. Always trying new games and st

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If you enjoy my stream, you can support me by tipping. You can tip me by clicking the Tip Jar icon, PayPal icon. Your donations help me keep this stream going, also pays for my bills and help

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