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تابع Mirazzle (@mirazzle_ze) مباشرة على روى تي.في. شاهد فيديوهاته وأنشىء حسابك لتدردش وتشجّع مع الآخرين على قناته!

نبذة عن Mirazzle (@mirazzle_ze)

Welcome to the Yin Yangers!‎ It’s your boy Mirazzle! 22 year old Dota2 immortal player who is all about being chill and happy! Join me<3


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- Dota 2 immortal 6k mmr player. - I play valorant sometimes but im still the 2 times top 2-3 valo events on Rawa. - Other games: Warzone, Rust, Pubg, SpellBreak, Apex, Rocket league. - Welcome to the YInYangers.