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اسمي محمد عامر عندي 17 سنه من مصر بحب ال Video Games جدا الناس بتناديني اكتر ب (عامر) او ب (الرايق) My Creator Code is : GC-Amer وبس.

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My name is MohamedAmer and i am 16 years old. I have been a FPS Gamer since i was like 10 years old. I currently live in Egypt

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Hate isn't allowed as well as racism and will due to an instant ban. -Promoting a content without My Permission will due to an instant ban. قواعد الستريم بسيطه جدا: -ممنوع العنصريه او اظهار ا

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Donation are highly appreciated and would help me to upgrade my setup to improve my stream quality .

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